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China Study Tour - 2016
The Opportunity of a Lifetime!

The China Academy of Traditional Chinese Medicine has extended an official invitation to Massage Melbourne CBD to bring a delegation to China in 2016 to study at Beijing at the Guang An Men Hospital. At Guang An Men Hospital physicians who specialize in Tuina will instruct delegates on the techniques of traditional Chinese Massage.

Tuina is a very broad Chinese medical system which cuts across the artificial divisions and professional distinctions established by our conventional Western medical system. Tuina encompasses in its list of techniques and clinical rationales for treatment that the west calls the separate disciplines of massage or myomassology, physiotherapy, chiropractic, orthopaedics, osteopathic medicine, and exercise physiology.

Oriental Bodywork has a lot to offer the average Western clinician. Only in China can one observe in a hospital setting ancient manual therapies integrated into the fundamental health care system.

Learn first hand with the premier physician/instructors, in the land where massage and acupuncture have been a major therapeutic method for over 2,000 years.

Amazingly low cost!!!

Also see the many of the great sights of China!

* Tian An Men Square
* The Temple of Heaven
* The Great Wall
* The Forbidden City
* The Peking Opera
* and much more...

Study Tuina in Beijing
Teaching Program

Morning Sessions:

Will be spent working in the hospital clinic. Clearly the best way to train is to go to the only place in the world where you can find a 500 bed hospital and a clinic that receives over 10,000 patient visits per week devoted to traditional Chinese medicine. Remember this is a hands-on experience.

Afternoon Sessions:

The Doctors you work with in the morning will present in the lecture and tutorial form the most common conditions seen in the clinic. Subjects will include:

* Essentials of Tuinology
* Commonly used techniques
* Cervical conditions
* Lumber Intervertabral Disc Protrusion|
* Frozen Shoulder
* Shoulder Diseases
* Back & Lower Back Diseases
* Knee Joint Diseases
* Elbow Diseases
* Ankle Diseases
   and much, much more ...

China Study Tour 2016
Dates: 13 - 27 September 2016
Duration: 2 Weeks
Cost: Contact For More Pricing

* Deposit must be received by 18th April 2016. Includes International round trip air fare, accommodation based on double occupancy first class hotels, tuition and study fees, admissions, tours and transfers.

Places are Limited. So don't miss out.

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The 2015 Group

Working at the hospital

A pratical session

Questions in the clinic

More work in the clinic

More learning in the clinic

Cupping in the clinic