A New Approach to Myofascial Treatment and Prevention of Injury at the Australian Institute of Sport.

The ever increasing push for excellence in athletic performance has seen athletes and coaches searching for those "little extras" to enhance the capabilities of our future sports stars. Massage practitioners have responded to these demands by providing new and innovative specific soft tissue treatments and injury prevention techniques. One such technique, now widely used at the Australian Institute of Sport (AIS), is commonly known as "Shifting".
(Reprinted from Massage Melbourne CBD - Issue 23)

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New Hope For Lymphoedema
Throughout the world today, lymphoedema affects two in 30 people making it a serious health problem for our society. Lymphoedema occurs when the lymphatic system is damaged or impaired and results in swelling.
(Reprinted from Massage Melbourne CBD - Issue 26)

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China Tour
the An Mo!
During their recent visit to China as part of the Massage Melbourne CBD study tour, participants discovered the pleasure of the An Mo, a treatment that is offered at hairdressing salons. Bliss, luxury, total relaxation…
(Reprinted from Massage Melbourne CBD - Issue 26)

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